EMC Test Club

One of the things that makes the EMC Club special is that you can fix problems that show up during testing, and immediately repeat the test. How else will you know the results of changes to your design, immediately?

If you have found problems with the EUT in the far field while you are running a test in the Club’s chamber, you can then go on to track them down, with the near field probes and a spectrum analyser.  Both magnetic field and electric field probes are available. “Usually, for small products, it is the common-mode currents leaking out via cables that cause most radiated emissions, but sometimes it is the electric field caused by the common-mode voltage on the body of the EUT itself” - EMC testing part 1, by Keith Armstrong and Tim Williams.

To fix any problems that might show up, a rework area has been set up adjacent to the Test Chambers. Wurth Electronik provides a range of clip-on ferrites, beads, gaskets, inductors etc so you can experiment as you go, and immediately see the results of any change. This is the quickest way to diagnose problems, fix them, and do a retest straight away!