EMC Test Club
Training courses

‘Hands-on’ EMC Testing

Two day courses open to all, covering the fundamentals of EMC Testing, with practical demonstrations and ‘hands - on’ practice throughout. They will benefit engineers, technicians, and anyone involved with equipment design, approvals, and EMC compliance.

To give everyone the chance to benefit from the ‘hands-on’ approach, and best address the level of expertise of the delegates, each course is limited to a small group (usually not more than 6 people), and courses are available throughout the year.

If you join our course, you will be able to make many common tests yourself by the end of the two day session, including conducted and radiated emissions, RF radiated and conducted immunity, Electrostatic discharge, Fast Transient Burst, Surge, Dips and Interruptions.

The aim of the course is to give you an optimum balance between theory and practice, and this can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Courses are held in Hatfield, Herts - please see our location. The cost of the course is £790 per person, including course materials, lunches and refreshments.