EMC Test Club
The Training...

Training session Training is a cornerstone of the EMC Test Club, and you can access this training as a non-member by signing up for one of the training courses, or as a Club member through the initial  member’s training session, and through on-going training. One of the key benefits of using the EMC Test Club is that you will receive training in EMC principles, learn how to test with the Club’s equipment, and practice with ‘hands-on’ use of the equipment. Making the tests yourself you will enhance your own skills, while discovering much more about your product’s strengths and weaknesses. This facility is now readily available to all engineers, consultants, and electronics companies; you can join the EMC Test Club or pay-as-you-go, and learn how to use the screened ferrite-lined, fully anechoic chamber and other facilities yourself. The EMC Test Club trains you to use the latest equipment and software to easily conduct EMC tests on your products.

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