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We offer you a uniquely accessible high performance screened and ferrite lined test chamber for radiated emission and immunity tests, together with a separate screened room for many conducted emission and immunity tests, complete with an ever increasing range of test equipment. You can self-test your products at various stages of development, and results are sufficiently accurate for you to self-certify with confidence, or use for pre-compliance before a final test at an accredited Test House. All EMC testing has a measure of uncertainty, and the challenge is to minimise that uncertainty, at a price that is affordable. Traditional Test Houses ensure that every item in the measurement chain is individually calibrated to minimise the uncertainty. The problem with this approach is that any small errors in individual links in the chain could be cumulative, so it is necessary to maintain very tight calibration of each item, and this adds to the costs. The EMC Test Club on the other hand maintains an end-to-end calibration, in conjunction with the calibrated Emissions Reference Source (ERS) to both compensate for errors in the overall chain, and make the results from single height testing in an anechoic environment comparable with those on an Open Area Test Site called for by many Standards (but without the ambient interference of the OATS!). The following table gives an indication of typical uncertainties in measurement, comparing the typical Test House approach to the EMC Test Club calibration. Increased uncertainties due to the use of a spectrum analyser instead of a measuring receiver are offset by the beneficial effect of the end-to-end calibration, on the site and antenna accuracy figures.


Typical Test House

(NAMAS accredited)

EMC Test Club

  (end-to-end ERS calibration)

Test site:






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