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“The financial rewards of producing reliable products can be very great indeed, as one UK manufacturer discovered when they spent £100,000 on redesigning their products to comply with just the ordinary EMC directive immunity Standards, and found that as a direct result, their warranty costs fell by £2.7 million a year”

(Quoted from “EMC testing part 4 - Radiated Immunity” by Keith Armstrong and Tim Williams

Compared with the above company, members and ‘pay-as-you-go’ customers of the EMC Test Club might be working on a smaller budget, but should certainly be able to make pro-rata savings, because the cost of testing at the Club is so reasonable.

With respect to Immunity Standards, it is important to ensure that you are not causing interference to neighbouring users. The EMC Test Club is set up to test in a controlled environment, with screened chambers to avoid external interference (anechoic for EN61000-4-3), and a chamber used as a safety enclosure for Surge (EN61000-4-5) where there is a risk of fire or explosion of the Equipment Under Test.

To summarise, you can do these tests here, now, according to these Standards:

EN61000-4-11   Voltage dips and interuptions

EN61000-4-2    Immunity to electrostatic discharge

EN61000-4-3    Radiated Immunity

EN61000-4-4    Fast Transient Burst

EN61000-4-5    Voltage Surge

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