EMC Test Club
Testing emissions...

Emissions testingMost Standards split all emissions at 30MHz, because it is generally found that below this frequency, cables are the main source of radiation, so conducted tests are made.  Above this frequency, emissions tend to be radiated directly from the product, so direct radiated emissions are measured using an antenna located at a distance from the product (far field). Radiated emissions testing takes place in a chamber which is both fully screened and fully anechoic.  Each of the six surfaces is lined with ferrite tiles, which will absorb unwanted reflections up to a GHz. The fully anechoic room (FAR) has integrated wiring behind the absorber, and a broadband bilog antenna, for standard EMC radiated tests.

Easy to use software guides you through the choice of Standards and the setup, and a simple to follow test procedure has been developed by the Club.

As well as the fully anechoic chamber for radiated tests, the Club has a second screened chamber which is normally set up just for conducted testing (emissions and various immunity tests). It has a standard 80cm high test bench, cabling and LISN for EMC conducted emission testing on the mains supply cable of the Equipment Under Test (EUT). A screened room is used for conducted testing to avoid the pickup of ambient background signals by the EUT cabling, and the testroom filter prevents outside interference being coupled into the room by the mains line.

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