EMC Test Club
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A trolley with a load capacity of 150kg is available to transport equipment directly from the parking area to the test chambers. The chamber door openings are 90cm x 212cm. The doorway to the test area is 77cm x 199cm (which can be increased if required).

Test Chambers

Fully anechoic screened chamber: 6m x 4.8 x 2.4m for radiated emission and immunity tests, fully lined on all surfaces with ferrite tiles giving effective overall absorption to 1 GHz, and portable Emerson & Cuming Eccosorb panels are available as required to improve absorption up to several GHz. 32A filtered single phase supply (limited to 16A at present by chamber MCB - please ask if you need more), and 150kg capacity manual turntable with adjustable height (spacers provide 15cm, 50cm, 85cm and 120cm). We have 3 phase, 110VAC, and 60Hz options which can be connected to either chamber at the request of members.

Screened second chamber: 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4m for conducted emission and immunity tests, with 32A filtered single phase supply (limited to 16A at present by chamber MCB - please ask if you need more).


Chase bilog antenna 30 - 1000MHz for radiated emissions and immunity

Farnell antenna 30 - 1000MHz for radiated emissions

Laplace ERS reference source for overall calibration
Laplace SA1000 spectrum analyser, with software for EMC radiated and conducted emissions tests
Laplace RF910 pre-selector for conducted tests
Laplace SA1020 broadband 20dB preamplifier
Chase CPA9230 broadband 30dB preamplifier
Laplace RF100 near field probe set and Advantest R4131 spectrum analyser
Chase near field probe set and Ando spectrum analyser
16A LISN to CISPR16, with Chase transient limiter
Laplace RF1000 signal generator and system controller with immunity test software
Laplace RF1100 24W 30MHz to 1000MHz amplifier
Holaday HI4422 field measurement probe
Holaday HI4413 fibre optic modem
Control PCs with 17 in TFT, etc

27x zoom camera in anechoic chamber, with fibre-optic zoom control and display on test PC screen

Schaffner NSG420 Current injection current immunity tester

Schaffner NSG435 stand-alone ESD gun

Schaffner Best96 integrated conducted immunity test set, for Burst, Surge, ESD, and Power Quality (dip and interruption) tests, with fibreoptic link to controlling PC.