EMC Test Club
Radiated Immunity...

Radiated immunity testing takes place in the Club’s main ferrite-lined chamber, where the anechoic lining minimises reflections, and thus helps maintain a uniform RF field. The chamber meets the requirements of EN61000-4-3 for field uniformity over a 0.8 x 1.2 metre plane at the Equipment Under Test (EUT) position. It has been tested for Free Field Normalised Site Attenuation (NSA) as well as Field Uniformity, and the test results are available to download. Equipment for radiated immunity testing comprises the RF1000 signal generator (under full software control for monitoring, display and logging of results), in conjunction with an RF1100 power amplifier, Chase bilog antenna, and calibrated field strength probe. Any non-linearities due to the antenna, amplifier or chamber characteristics are compensated for  by these items being part of a feedback loop, with a calibrated probe (pictured above, top right) monitoring the field and the software controlling the amplifier output and maintaining the preselected field strength.

The Equipment under Test (EUT) can be monitored during the radiated immunity testing with a camera system which displays on the same screen as the Immunity software. The WinTV software enables you to take a ‘snapshot’ of the EUT which can be embedded into the Test Report. The camera can be remotely zoomed by a 27x factor, so display screens or panel LEDs of the EUT can be seen, and any problems due to the effects of the RF field can be noted.