EMC Test Club

As a ‘pay-as-you-go’ customer, you can hire this unique facility at a modest cost, learn about EMC, test and self-certify your products when you want to, train your staff, and make your products better, with fewer warranty returns.

You can use the EMC Test Club by calling us to make a provisional booking, and following up immediately with your Official Order and payment. We will always try to give you fast availability, as even if the Test Club is booked during peak hours we can normally offer off-peak availability (i.e. evenings and weekends).

For your first booking, please book for a full day, because we will include full training in the use of the equipment to conduct the tests you need to make. which includes training personnel in the use of either the Laplace and/or Schaffner equipment (depending on the tests you need to conduct).

Thereafter, when you wish to return, sessions of either a half-day (peak time) or  two hour sessions (off-peak) can be made. New personnel joining your company should book the full day, to benefit from the full training to perform the required tests.

The EMC Test Club facility is available to non-members on a ‘pay - as - you - go’ basis for:

Full day (required for first time users):      8 hours     £495 + VAT

Half day for users previously trained:       4 hours      £275 + VAT