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European UnionDownload the Directives 89/336/EEC (currently implemented in the UK by ‘The Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2005’, and 2004/108/EC, (to be implemented before 20th July 2007).

Department of Trade and IndustryThe Department of Trade and Industry (Standards and Technical Regulations Directorate) site has lots of useful information, downloads and links. See especially the ‘downloadable documents’ page which has lots of useful ‘pdf’s.

CENELECCENELEC Guide 24 has background information about standards, including notes on Basic, Generic, and Product Standards. CENELEC Guide 25 is a useful guide to the use of Standards for the implementation of the EMC directive. Table 1 is a useful chart of standards for different product groups.

Compliance ClubThe Compliance Club site includes information about Directives and Standards, and there is also a little light relief in the form of ‘banana - skins’! The articles on EMC testing by Keith Armstrong and Tim Williams are very useful, and while you are there, you might be interested in signing up for the EMC Compliance Journal !

Laplace InstrumentsLaplace Instruments Ltd is the supplier of the hardware and software used by the EMC Test Club. There is information here about the equipment, software, Standards (incl. selector chart) and other EMC issues. Please note that advice about background interference and signal reflections will not apply to EMC Test Club members, who have the benefit of using screened test rooms, one being fully anechoic!

Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox is our favourite browser right now, because we get almost no spyware now we are using it, and it won’t run ActiveX controls (a hacker’s favourite) but will allow Javascript to be enabled (which we need to give you pop-out navigation buttons on this site). It also lets you ‘shrink to fit’ when printing - so the right hand side won’t be cut off! You can always download and install Firefox for free - and still keep your IE as a backup!

OpenOfficeIf you disable the annoying features of Word XP such as personalised menus and task pane, you will love OpenOffice. The feature that sells it for us (well, not ‘sells’ as it’s free) is the ability to output reports directly in Adobe .pdf format.

HertfordshireIf you would like to stay over in Hatfield before or after your visit to the EMC Test Club, here are some local Hotels that might be suitable. There is also some general information on our area to be found here.

London Luton airportIf you are coming from the UK regions, Eire or other parts of Europe, our local airport is London Luton, just a £30 / €45 taxi fare away from the EMC Test Club. Various low cost airlines fly in. Here are details of towns and cities that connect with London Luton.