EMC Test Club
Ongoing training...

 Training is at the heart of the EMC Test Club - you learn about using EMC Test equipment when you join, and you continue to learn as you go along, both about EMC in general and about your own designs. You are the expert who designed the product, and you can ensure its compliance with relevant Standards - with a little help from the EMC Test Club!

The big difference at the Test Club is that the informal atmosphere encourages you to experiment to improve the EMC performance of your equipment, a distinct contrast to a big Test House, who may well give you very little feedback as to where to go next if your product fails. While you are experimenting, you are learning, and this expertise will stand you in good stead not just for current designs, but for all you will do in the future.

Our mission at the EMC Test Club is to help you gain knowledge about the EMC performance of your products, improve the products’ performance, and achieve compliance with applicable Standards at the lowest cost.

We are on hand to help you with advice and training on an on-going basis, and as the Club takes on new equipment and expands tests available, so you will expand your knowledge of EMC techniques. Standards also will get more stringent as higher frequency equipment comes into common use and pressure on bandwidth increases, and the Club’s equipment and training will expand to suit.

The EMC testing methods you have selected may be in-house, by self testing at the EMC Test Club, or by an accredited Test House - or any combination of these. The EMC Test Club can help you with test facilities that are sufficiently accurate for you to self-certify your product, or you can use them during the development of your product and have a final test at a Test House, with a high level of confidence that your product will pass first time. You can then use the Test Club to make ongoing checks during the lifetime of the product, perhaps retaining a ‘golden sample’ to periodically compare with ongoing production samples. The combination of relatively low cost, good accuracy and ready availability makes the Test Club an excellent choice for development, self-certification, and regular production sampling.

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