EMC Test Club
Members training...

Members trainingAs a new member of the EMC Test Club you will receive an initial training session tailored to your level of EMC experience. This will normally include EMC principles, EMC Testing, Health and Safety, Testing at the Club, and ‘hands-on’ practice with the Club’s equipment. We will explain the pros and cons of testing on various types of test sites, the respective advantages of receivers and spectrum analysers, the benefits of testing at a fixed antenna height in a free field environment versus testing at various heights on the traditional open area test site, and how to use EMC test gear.

Easy to use equipmentEngineers and technicians will have no problems learning to use the Club’s equipment, as the hardware and software are easy to use, and there is always a helping hand to advise when needed. The equipment set-up is as far as possible pre-configured to suit the standard EMC tests, so helping to speed up testing, and the single height radiated testing is also a big time saver.