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The Standards maze might be a little daunting for members who have not been involved in EMC testing before, but the EMC Test Club is trying to make it easier, and we are on hand to advise on sources of information.

It is important for you to know which Standards are applicable to your product, so as to use the appropriate procedures and test techniques; here again the Test Club can help. Some product groups are covered by product-specific Standards, but where these do not exist then generic Standards should be applied. The Laplace software has limits installed for many European, US (FCC) and Australian/New Zealand Standards, and where these do not apply it is easy to create user-defined limits to display within the software. Cenelec Guides 24 and 25 give useful advice on Standards, as does the DTI, Laplace Instruments, etc. - these are all on our ‘Useful Links’ page.

As the Test Club membership expands, a library of Standards will be built up for members use. If there is a particular Standard you need for testing, please let us know, and we will add it to the collection.

The EMC Engineer software for measuring radiated and conducted emissions has pre-installed limits for the following Standards:

European:  EN55011, EN55013, EN55014, EN55015, EN55022, EN50081-1 & -2, EN60945.

Australian:  1044, 1053, 2064.1 & .2, 2557, 3458, 4051, 4251.1

US:  FCC Part 15

(Other limits are set by defining a User Limit within the software.)

Laplace Radiated Immunity Software: Standard IEC tests according to EN61000-4-3 domestic/commercial and industrial can be immediately configured by a pre-set, and all parameters can be individually set for other Standards, up to 1 GHz and 24V/m.

Fast Transient Burst to EN61000-4-4: Parameters set by Schaffner Best 96, and test undertaken in a layout according to the Standard, in a screened chamber.

Surge test to EN61000-4-5: Controlled by Schaffner Best 96, and test undertaken in a safe environment (unoccupied chamber).

ESD test to EN61000-4-2: Parameters set up on Schaffner NSG435 or controlled by Best 96, and test undertaken in a screened chamber with a layout according to the Standard.

Voltage dip and interruption tests to EN61000-4-11 are set by Schaffner Best 96, and sags (brownouts) and swells are performed manually with a variable transformer.

The basic EN test methods adopted are identical to basic IEC test methods, so EN61000-4-x is identical to IEC61000-4-x. Testing is therefore also applicable where non-EU EMC requirements apply.