EMC Test Club
Getting started...

Save money with EMC Test ClubIf the idea of a Test Club where you can come in and learn more about EMC (and about your product) appeals, why not come see for yourself? We can chat about the options, such as self- certification or pre-compliance, pay-as-you-go or join the Club, etc., and you can see how easy it is to test.

The EMC Test Club can help businesses make big savings by testing at various stages during product development, and during the manufacturing cycle. Companies can ‘pay-as-you-go’, or join the Club and just make a small regular payment (or get a discount by paying the membership fee annually). By testing at key stages in a product’s development and manufacture cycle, costs can be kept to a minimum. Testing to the differing Standards of world markets can open the door to big new sales; you can do this extra testing at least cost with the EMC Test Club.

On the ‘pay-as-you-go’ tariff, you can use this unique facility for about £60 per hour. By joining the Club, you can test for less than £55 per hour, and enjoy the other benefits of Club membership.  Whichever you choose, testing does cost less in this top class calibrated facility - we guarantee it!

The facility is inexpensive enough for any company to use regularly as part of its self-certification, R&D or production monitoring programmes; also, members can use it to train their colleagues in EMC principles. Such a high quality, calibrated, fully anechoic chamber and associated facilities have not previously been available for individual engineers and small businesses to do their own self-certification testing, or high quality pre-compliance, but now the EMC Test Club makes it available to all.

For more details of ‘pay-as-you-go’ and ‘join-the-club’ options, please see the appropriate pages.

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