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‘Pay-as-you-go’ Terms & Conditions

The contractual terms between Morgan-Smith Electronics Ltd t/a EMC Test Club (hereinafter referred to as 'the Company') and those purchasing goods or services from the Company are contained exclusively within these Conditions. These Conditions shall be subject to and construed in accordance with the Law of England.

1. VARIATION - In no circumstances will the Company be bound by any addition to or other variation of these terms whether oral or in writing unless any such addition or variation is agreed in writing by the Company with express reference to these terms.

2. ACCEPTANCE OF ORDERS - There is no guarantee as to the goods or services suitability for any specific purpose even if that purpose is known to the Company. In any dispute that may arise liability of the Company for breach of any warranty or obligation whether expressed or implied is limited to the value of the goods or services supplied in any event. All recommendations and advice given by the Company or the servants or agents of the company are given  without liability on the part of the Company. Descriptive pictorial or written material issued or published by the Company from time to time relating to services offered shall not form part of any contract of sale. The Company shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused either directly or indirectly by the goods or the services offered or by any act or omission in connection herewith.

3. EXECUTION OF ORDERS - Execution of orders is contingent upon the availability of the goods or services and the absence of any circumstances beyond the control of the Company which hinder or prevent such execution.

4.   CANCELLATION OF ORDERS - Except in special circumstances and agreed in advance by the Company in writing hirers of the EMC test facilities will forfeit the hire costs if the booking is cancelled by themselves and cannot be re-booked to another hirer. If the facility can be re-booked, the original hirer will only forfeit 10% of the hire fee to cover administration costs.

5. INSURANCE - Users of the EMC Test Club must ensure that Employee Liability Insurance covers them whilst they are on-site and/or using the Test Club facilities.

6. BOOKINGS - A full day must be booked for first time usage of the EMC Test Club's facilities for pay-as-you-go customers to ensure that training in the use of equipment is given to new users. Further bookings for the same individual(s) will then be accepted for half-day usage or two hour off-peak bookings. A peak half day is normally 8.30 to 12.30 or 13.30 to 17.30, and full day 08-30 to 17.30. Hours before 8.30 or after 17.30, or all weekend, are considered off-peak. At times of high peak use by members, ‘pay-as-you-go’ bookings will only be accepted for ‘standby’ or ‘off-peak’ use.

7. DELIVERY DELAYS - No liability will be accepted by the company for delay in delivery of services. There may be times that booking the test room facilities may not be possible, due to staffing constraints etc. Every effort is made to fit in with customers' requirements, but 24/7 availability is not guaranteed.  In the event of a technical failure with the equipment or test room facilities, or other problem, we will notify you if your booking has to be cancelled and re-scheduled for a later date and time.

8. DAMAGE - Damage of the Company’s property due to technical misuse or negligence will be charged for.

9. PAYMENT - all payments are to be made prior to use of the EMC Test Club facilities, to be forwarded to the Company with an Official Order to confirm booking. Cheques should be made payable to ‘EMC Test Club’.

10. RESERVATION OF TITLE - Notwithstanding delivery and passing of the risk, legal and beneficial ownership of any goods supplied by the Company shall remain with the Company until payment has been made in full.

11. SUSPENSION AND TERMINATION - The Company shall be entitled to refuse acceptance of any bookings if the management decide this is in the best interests of the EMC Test Club and it’s members.

Member’s Terms and Conditions

Membership is assigned to a named person, or (in the case of a Company membership) group of persons, who will receive training in the use of the Club’s facilities (in the case of a group membership, the group should arrange to attend training sessions together). In the case of company membership, the company should nominate specified employee(s) to become delegated members of the EMC Test Club (whether as an individual or as a group). The costs quoted are per person (or group - in which case the group will share the allocated hours of use - which can be topped up). Membership is deemed effective from the first available working day following the Club’s acceptance of the membership application, and clearance of the initial payment for the joining and membership fees.

The member must ensure that Employee Liability Insurance covers the member(s) and any colleagues while they are on the Club site and/or using the Club’s facilities.

Colleagues of members may attend at the same time as member(s), for training purposes for example. However, in the event of the member being unable to take up their booking, the booking must be cancelled and re-scheduled; a substitute person who is not a member or group member cannot take their place because they will not have received training in the use of the facilities.

In the case of a Company membership, in the event of a nominated person (individual or part of a group membership) leaving that company, the company may nominate another person to continue membership, but that person must receive training in the use of the Test Club facilities before using them.

On the EMC Test Club’s nominated Training days, inclusive training will be given to new members on the use of the Club’s facilities. Additional free training will be given as new equipment and/or software is added to the Club’s facilities. There will not be any charges for training in the use of Club equipment and facilities, but there may be optional additional symposia and events offered to members, involving outside trainers and speakers, which costs would not be included in the subscription.

Once testing has been completed by the member, his / her data must be saved and taken away from the Club premises. The Test Club is not responsible for the security or privacy or members’ data or possessions left on the Club’s premises, although every effort is made to operate in the memberships’ best interests.

Membership applications may not be accepted, or existing memberships may be cancelled or not be renewed, if the Club’s management decide this is in the best interests of the Club and the overall membership

EMC Test Hours

The minimum booking is four hours (two hours for off-peak or standby) – this includes setting up and dismantling the equipment.

Members may remain on the premises beyond their allotted time slot, but they must be clear of the actual test rooms when their agreed time is up, if the next member is ready to set up.

To ensure that all members have equal availability, we reserve the right to limit the number of peak hours that may be booked in advance. In this case, extra hours can be booked as off-peak (or stand-by if there are cancellations).

Peak hours: 08.30 -17.30 Monday-Friday. A peak time half day 4 hour booking will normally be 8.30 to 12.30 or 13.30 to 17.30 except by prior arrangement. A full day is 08.30 to 17.30, which will be logged as 8 hours to allow for refreshment and lunch breaks.

Off-peak hours: prior to 08.30 and after 17.30 Monday-Friday, and all weekend.

Standby: last minute booking made within 24 hours e.g. a slot becomes available due to a cancellation.

The membership fee allows up to 24 hours of test room use per annum, which can be peak or off-peak. Once the 24 hours have been used within the current year, then if more test time is required, an extra payment can be made to permit further off-peak or standby hours to be booked.

There may be times that booking of the test room facilities  may not be possible, due to staffing constraints or equipment failure, etc. Every effort is made to fit in with customers’ requirements, but 24 / 7 availability is not guaranteed.

Members can book the test room facilities by telephone or e-mail, normally in multiples of four hours (peak) or two hours (off peak). In the event of a technical failure with the equipment, or test room facilities, we will notify you if your booking has to be cancelled and re-scheduled for a later date and time.

Payment Terms:

A cheque to include the once-off joining fee and the first month’s membership subscription (or the first year’s membership subscription if paying annually) should be submitted with the completed membership application form (downloadable from this site). When the application is accepted, the cheque will be paid in to the bank. Once the cheque has cleared, the member can book his training session, and he will be provided with a storage medium and copy of the test software to use to analyse his results, and templates to assist in creating Technical Documentation and EC Declaration of Conformity.

The monthly subscription (after the first month) is to be made by Bank Standing Order. Alternatively, membership subscription may be paid in advance annually, a saving of approximately 5%. When paid annually, the fee can be paid by cheque or bank standing order / transfer. Cheques should be payable to ‘EMC Test Club’.

Extra time (i.e. once the basic 24 hours within the current year has been used and further time is required), can be purchased, which should be off-peak / standby time so that all members have an equal opportunity for peak hour testing.

Members who wish to leave the Club should give one month’s notice of termination. To re-join, the joining fee must be paid again.

In the event of non-payment of membership fees, membership of the EMC Test Club will be immediately cancelled. To re-join, the joining fee must be paid again.

In the interests of the whole membership, the management reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions from time to time. We would welcome any suggestions for changes which would help all of us work better together.