EMC Test Club
Burst, Surge, ESD etc...

The Schaffner Best 96 all-in-one Test System can test for Immunity to Transient Burst, ESD, Surge, and  mains power dips and interruptions.

The Fast Transient Burst test  to EN61000-4-4 simulates a ‘showering arc’ caused for instance by AC mains switches and relays as they interrupt a circuit. The test is applied to mains cables by means of a coupling/decoupling network, and to signal and data cables by means of a capacitive clamp. Frequencies up to several hundred MHz are generated, with high voltages, so the test equipment is permanently installed in a screened chamber, monitored from a test PC outside.

The Surge test to EN61000-4-5 simulates the effects of lightning on the mains supply system, or the switching off of heavy loads. A high energy pulse (typically 20 joules at 2Kv) is applied to the mains lines of the EUT. If the Equipment Under Test breaks down, there is a risk of its components overheating or catching fire. For these reasons, this test is set up in a chamber with personnel outside, monitoring the results on a PC.

Mains interruptions and voltage dips to EN61000-4-11, (Power Quality Tests), are a means of testing for problems resulting from poor mains quality, which often occur in remote areas where failures are hardest to fix. The Best 96 box provides these tests. Slowly changing sags and swells can be simulated with a variable transformer.

ESD testing at the Club, to EN61000-4-2, can be performed with a test gun controlled by The Best 96 equipment and PC/software, or a ‘stand-alone’ set-up, the Schaffner NSG435 (pictured). This is battery operated, and fully controlled from its integral panel and display. The test simulates the effect of people (or equipment) having become electrostatically charged and conducting the charge away to ground through the EUT. Because of the broadband nature of the test, it is conducted in a screened chamber, and set up according to the Standard.